David Graeber as Realistic Polanyian

Soon, I will publish here, a join review of Debt: the 5000 first years [2011, 2014 rev. ed.] and Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology [2004] with a special comparison with Polanyian last fragments of thinking. Header photo: “NLN_David_Graeber” by coolloud (I’m not the guy on the right…)

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Investigating on Karl Polanyi [Non-original soundtrack]

 Open door “Steiner” (Not a door a whole labyrinth)… Open door “Western Mysticism” (Christian Esotericism in particular)… Open door “Hungarian Freemasonry” (Important? How to know?)… Open door ”Archives on Medicin” (Medicin or Medicin?)… Open door “Mitrinović” (and his nebula of movements including New Britain Movement)… stop confounding Ignác Martinovics and Continue Reading

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