“New Order, Social State,
West and the World!

Europe for Man
Europe for Synthesis
Europe for the Balance

For the Centre, Europe.
Europe for the Focus.
For the Middle, Europe.

Attain, Mankind!
Attain, O Europe, Humanity!

Attain the Present, attain the true Present.
Attain the Transition, O Europe and Europe's Island!
Europe's Synthesis, Albion, attain to Intermediation and Transcendence!

Albion, Britain, England, attain to Intermediation.
Attain to transcendence, Albion!
Attain to transcendence of the Extremes!

But, Albion, avoid the Middle Path.
For it is the avoidance of the Path, it is avoidance!
Not right and straight is the Middle Path.

For easy path is, Albion, and no path.
Not of the centre is the Middle Path.
No intermediation is on the Easy Path.

Transcendence is Intermediation, Albion! Avoid of Elevation and the New Path, Albion!”

Poem Informations

Anonymous (Mitrinović?), “(New Order, Social State)”, The Eleventh Hour for New Order in Great Britain, New Series Vol. I (19341935), No. 18 – March 20, back cover.