Organisations in which Karl Polanyi has participated


Hungarian Freemasonry (Galilei Circle, Szabadgodondolat, National Civic-Radical Party) [1911-1918]

Government of Béla Kun [1919]

Familial and personal social network


Austrian Freemasonry – the Great Orient of Austria

  • Freemasons/Federalists network: Jászi, Seton-Watson, Masaryk and Beneš [1919-19??]

Workers Educational Association

Bécsi Magyar Újság [1921-1923]

Private Seminar [1924-?]

Der Österreichische Volkswirt [1924-1934]


England [1934-1941 ; 1944-1946]

D. Mitrinović and A.R. Orage’s “Open conspiracy” nebula of movements: New Britain [1934] and The Eleventh Hour [1935]

Christian Left [1934-1940; 1943-1946]

Fabian Society

Balliol College

Hungarian Council / The New Democratic Hungary Movement

United States of America [1941-1943; 1947-1964]

The Institute of International Education [1935-1936]

Bennington College [1941-1943]

Columbia University [1947-1953]

Funds (Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, Rothschild)


Nebula of Christian ‘modernist’ groups

InitialsNameTypeEraYearsNotable members
CLChristian LeftJohn Macmurray
IFORInternational Fellowship of ReconciliationEurope?Donald Grant
ICFIndustrial Christian Fellowship
MootInformal group of thinkersEngland1930sPhilip Mairet1 Karl Mannheim; Michael Polanyi;
SCMStudent Christian MovementJohn Macmurray?
WSCFWorld Student Christian Federation
YMCAYoung Men’s Christian Association


Pilgrims Society



  1. Also very active in the Mitrinović’s nebula of ‘Open Conspiracy’ projects