What the Mitrinović’s group, A.R. Orage’s group, H.G. Wells’ groups, the Jászi and Count Károlyi (+Seton-Watson) have in common is the European federalism.


New Europe Group

New Britain Movement

The New Britain Movement was a short lived political organization created in 1934, in London, founded and leaded by Dimitrije Mitrinović.

It advocated a heterogeneous collection of political ideas including guild socialism, European federalism as a first step to world Federalism, a three way parliament (based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner) and a monetary reform that would abolish banks. By the end of 1933 it grew to 77 branches, and its eponymous weekly newspaper had a circulation of 32,000 copies. However the group soon split into four different factions and dissolved in 1935.

Bill Duff, Mitrinović’s friend, helped him to finance it.

Links with: Freemasonry, Theosophical Society (see commercial for The Aryan Path), Alfred Adler’s Society, L’ordre nouveau (in France, via Suzanne Jean and Alexandre Marc) or the Institut Pelman / Pelman Institute.


The New Atlantis [1933]

New Britain [1933-1934]

Editorial, publishing and advertising offices: 39 Bedford Square, London W.C. 1 New Britain – A Weekly Organ of National Renaissance

Vol. 1 – 1933

n°1-2 –
  • The Renaissance of Mr. Wells – J. V. Delahaye, p. 41-42
  • Eugenics and a New Europe – Gerald Heard, p. 50
  • An Age of Delusion – Valerie Cooper, p. 51
  • The Social State, Manifesto, p. 52-53
n°3 – June 7
  • Contents
  • Fascism? – John Macmurray, p. 70
  • A Humane Economy, p. 72
  • World Affairs – M. M. Cosmoi p. 73
  • The meaning of the word “Revolution” for “L’Ordre Nouveau” – Suzanne Jean and Alexandre Marc p. 96
n°4 – June 14
  • What about Communism – John Macmurray, p. 102
  • Commercial, p. 125
  • World Affairs, p. 137
n°5 – June 21
  • The World Economic Conference as seen by “L’Ordre Nouveau” – Suzanne Jean and Alexandre Marc
n°6 – June 28
  • World Affairs – M. M. Cosmoi, p. 169
  • The Doctrine of the Superman – Frank Watson, p. 178
n°7 – July 5
  • Commercial for the Aryan Path, p. 222
  • Commercial for Valerie Cooper, p. 223
  • Announcement for Conferences on the Masonic Buildings, p. iii
n°8 – July 12
  • Contents
  • World Affairs, – M. M. Cosmoi, p. 233
  • The Social Unit – John Macmurray, p. 235
  • Commercials, p. 255
n°9 – July 19
  • The Masonic Congress – An opportunity?, p. 259
  • World Affairs – M . M. Cosmoi, p. 265
  • A New Individualism, p. 272
  • The true Face of France, S. Jean and A. Marc, p. 283
  • Concours / The good Companions, p. 286
n°10 – July 26
  • World Affairs – M . M. Cosmoi, p. 297+ p. 308
n°11 – August 2
  • Commercial for Open Eyed Literature, p. ii
  • The Eleventh Hour for Europe, p. 325
  • The Significance of Religion, John Macmurray, p. 329
  • Machinery, S. Jean and A. Marc, p. 347
n°12 – August 9
  • Commercial for the Science of Life by H.G. Wells, J. Huxley and G.P. Wells
n°13 – August 16
  • What the age of plenty means, p. 392
  • Has the World gone mad?, Althotas, p. 393
  • For God’s Sake, p. 395
  • The Sens of Wonder, Janko Lavrin, p. 402 (On Dandieu et L’ordre nouveau)
n°14 – August 23
  • Creative scepticism, Janko Lavrin, p. 434
  • Death to the “Party”, S. Jean and A. Marc, p. 436
n°15 – August 30
  • Is There no way out? – W. J. Brown, p. 455
  • Revolutionary Tactics, S. Jean and A. Marc, p. 472
  • A Humane Economy, Review of Co-operative Commonwealth by H. Stanley Jevons
n°16 – September 6
  • Reflection on nudism, Valerie Cooper, p. 492
  • Hamlet and Zarathustra – Janko Lavrin, p. 498
  • Group Formation, S. Jean and A. Marc, p. 510
n°17 – September 13
  • The quotation on the front page of the week is from H. G. Wells’s The Shape of Things to Come.
  • Communism and Fascism, W. J. Brown, p. 521 (speaks about surplus)
  • Buildings in New Britain – Kenneth Bayes, p. 572
  • H. G. Wells’s Plan of Salvation – The Editor in Person, p. 528
  • Abolition of the proletariat, S. Jean and A. Marc, p. 542
  • A Shell-Shocked World – Neil Maclaren, p. 543
  • Commercial for the Banker’s Conspiracy, p. iii
n°18 – September 20
  • Bonaparte or Fouché, S. Jean and A. Marc, p. 574
n°19 – September 27
  • Annie Besant: Two Impressions, Tom Redfern & Loftus Hare, p. 582
  • Pallid Youths and Esoteric Phrases – John Grierson, p. 590
  • “The Bride” by Tolstoy, p. 599-600
  • Commercial for Plans for the New Britain and the New Atlantis, p. 607
n°20 – October 4
  • Nation and country, Suzanne Jean and Alexandre Marc, p. 628
  • Commercial for the first issue of New Atlantis, p. 633
  • Commercial for a gnostic book, Fragments of a Faith Forgotten, p. 634
  • Commercial for Pelmanism, p. 635
  • Commercial for Phoenix Book Company, p. 637

Vol. 2 – 1934

N°42 – March 7
  • Commercial for The Twentieth Century, p. ii
  • A New Constitution for Britain – Anonymous, p. 471
  • What New Britain Stands For, p. 474
  • Commercial for Valerie Cooper School of Movement, Classes in Rhythmic Gymnastic
N°43 – March 14
N°52 – May 16
  • What the New Britain Movement Is
  • Contents, p. 769
  •  ???, p. 770
  • Plenty and Scarcity – Geoffrey Sainsbury, p. 778-779
  • The Organic Community (II- – Jack Common, p. 782
  • A Quaker View of New Britain – J. E. Tuke, p. 783

Vol. 3 – 1934

N°53 – May 23
  • Contents, p. 1
  • Propositions and Proposals for New Britain, p. 2
N°54 – May 30
  • “At any moment the living souls of men may upset the mechanical march of events”
N°64 – August 8
  • To New Britain and New Europe: the New West and New World – Wisdom-Legacy of Patrick Geddes, p. ii
  • Contents, p. 337
  • Announcement by the Editors and Proprietors, p. 337
  • Truly Plain, p. 338
  • Renaissance Proposals, p. 339
  • Chapitre IV The Meaning of Value – S.G. Hobson, p. 350-351
  • Changing Human Nature, C. B. Purdom, p. 358

The Eleventh Hour for New Order in Great Britain [1934-1935]

First Series [1934]

No. 1 Easter

(Fortnightlty, only 2 giant pages) Name: Eleventh Hour Emergency Bulletin. To Avert Civil War and to Build New Britain.

“To avert Civil War and to Build New Britain

  • Why Emergency? – Anonymous, 1

“Plan production!
Plan Incomes!
No usury!

No. 2 Mid-April

(Fortnightlty, only 4 giant pages)

  • Whither Cristians?, 2+4
  • What is the us of our Poets, Priest and Scientists?, 2
  • United Front of progressive Societies, 2

His Majesty the King. Leaders in every Sphere, 3 (Aldous Huxley w/ some members of the Mitrinović group: B. Dobrée, E. Muir)

No. 3 May
  • The Seven Lies of International Finance -David Davies, 11
  • A Message from A.R. Orage, 32
No. 4 Whitsun
  • We can Afford to be Civilized, 2

Julian Huxley

  • The New Order, 3

[…] This is our story, and we stick to it, that should this country undergo the agonies of a civil war, Christianity can never be the principle of our politics, – of the relation between man and man. If there were a renewal of zest and rebirth of national faith the crisis could not exist. But how to act and with whom to act is another story.

We are prepared to be the Initiative of a Third Force in this country, and we want people to oin us. We believe that we will receive help from young men and women who see at this moment that there is no new thing to strive for and no new experience worth while other than a dedication of oneself to the achievement of a New Order.

Eleventh Hour Initiative

No. 5 June
  • Religion and Revolution is peaceful change possible?, 1
  • Letter to the editors by Ezra Pound, 3
  • Editorial, 3
No. 6 Midsummer
  • A demand for new money – to be issued by the nation, 4
No. 7 July
  • Prepare for a New Order, 3
  • On Usury, 4
No. 8 Mid-July
No. 9 August
  • The Seven Lies of International Finance – David Davis, 1
  • The Peace of Europe – Watson Thomson, 1
  • Proposals for a New National Monetary System – Arthur Kitson, 3
  • 1914-1934, 3

The Friends of Europe

No. 10 – August 15
  • The Past Fortnight, 5


No. 11 – August 29
  • Europe on the Brink of War – Lester Hutchinson, 6
No. 12 – September 10
  • The Socialist Point of View – G.D.H. Cole, 2
  • Little man – What now3
No. 13 – September 26
  • Federation or Chaos – C.F. Melville, 3
No. 14 – October 10
  • Masses of Men – H.C. Rutherford, 6
  • The New Socialism – Richard Bentley, 7
No. 15 – October 24
  • Don’t Change Human Nature R.H. Bentley, 1
  • Federation of Fascism? – Winifred G. Fraser, 3
  • World State or New Nationalism? – John Elsden Odle, 6
  • The New Economics Eric Ford, 6
No. 16 – November 7

New Series Vol. I (19341935)

No. 1 – November 21
  • New Order for Britain, 1

“Neither Bolsho-Fascism, nor Fasco-Bolshism, nor National Government, nor Good Old Britain, but New Order in Great Britain”

  • The Testament of Patrick Geddes,
  • Letters from Suzanne Jean and Alexandre Marc, 11
  • New Europe – Winifred G. Fraser, 12
  • The passing of a pioneer / Honour and remembrance to Alfred Richard Orage, 13
  • Shall Britain Plunge into Civil War?, 14
No. 2 – November 28

“Make Communism unnecessary and Fascism impossible”

  • Disarm! Federate! – J.V. Delahaye, 2
  • L’Ordre Nouveau Conference – Watson Thomson , 6
  • Dictatorship – How shall we escape? – Maurice G. Hann, 7
  • The Star System – A.M. Baerlein, 11
  • All Sexes & Sevens – Reginald Duff, 12
  • Gold (Poem) – G.D.H. Cole, 13
  • Current cant – Juvenal, 15

The Creator has given us souls equal to all the world, yet satiable not even with a world.

The end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire to the effecting of all things possible.

Men are not animals erect, but immortal gods.

Francis Bacon (p. 15)

No. 3 – December 5
  • Democracy is not Freedom – Watson Thomson, 36-37
  • Man’s Threefold Life – X, 39
  • France: The New Order Speaks, 40
  • Britain: Social State: A Manifesto (From the Statement of Aims of New Britain Movement), 41
No. 4 – December 12
  • New Europe is necessary – John Gould Fletcher, 53
  • Women and the future – W. G. Fraser, 54
  • Organisation: Abolish Finance – H.C. Rutherford, 57
  • A Note on Definitions – S.G. Hobson, 57
  • Money Talks nonsense now – Jack Common, 58
  • Realisation (Poem) – Mary Wilshire, 61
  • Proud Man and Puffing Billy – Reginald Duff, 61
  • Conspiracy (magazine published in Oxford)
No. 5 – December 19
  • Men and Money – Bonamy Dobrée, 69
  • Anthropos and his Aunts – Jack Common, 71
  • Party Politics, Dictatorship and Regionalism – C.R. Yuille-Smith, 72-73
  • Twentieth Century Turning-Point. Bird’s-Eye View, T.S. Bazley, 73-74
  • Is an International Money Possible? – Frederick Soddy, 75
  • Some Thoughts on Money – G.D.H. Cole, 76-77
  • Love Pagan (Poem) – Arthur Shearly Cripps, 77
  • Organisation – H.C. Rutherford, 78-79
  • Masaryk and the State – Wickham Steed, 80-83
  • The Future of American Democracy – John Gould Fletcher, 83-84
  • Have you heard this one? – Alan W. Watts, 91
  • The Body and the Mind – rendered from the Sanskrit by Mulk Raj Anand, 93-94
  • Books, 95
  • National Renaissance. The Seven Points for the New Order of Man in Britain, iii
No. 6 – December 26
  • What is New Britain?, 99
  • The Control of Industry – Stephen W. Smith, 102
  • Liberty, Function, Authority – S.G. Hobson, 104-105
  • Letters to the Editors, 108-110
No. 7 – January 2 1935

Complete name: The Eleventh Hour for Three-Fold State, National Guilds and Social Credit. Avert Civil War and Build New Britain

“Neither the Old Order, nor the Present Disorder, but the New order”

  • Present and Future Necessity,
  • Usury – I. Ancient, Frederick Rathbone
  • Liberalism, T.S. Basley
  • Man’s Reaction to Manacles, Reginald Duff, 125
No. 8 – January 9
  • Towards World Federation, C.R. Yuille-Smith
  • Usury – II. Modern, Frederick Rathbone
  • Report on Housing, Jack Common, 1414
No. 9 – January 16
  • Usury – III. The New Deal, Frederick Rathbone, 150
No. 10 – January 23
No. 11 – January 30

“We are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet” – G.K. Chesterton’s The Secret People

  • Europe and Christendom: The Personal Principle – Fraser, 167-168
No. 12 – February 6
  • Conservative Foundations – T.S Bazley, 200-201
  • National Guilds, A note – S.G. Hobson, 202

“Neither Collectivism, nor Individualism, but New Social Contract of Personal Citizenship”

No. 13 – February 13
Another Week Goes By

The Church Assembly
[…] To solve the economic problem we must want more for ourselves, not less. In a belated sort of way The Times seems to realise that the essence of Christianity is human persons.5

An Atlantic Alliance

  • New Order and the Individual – W. Crosbie, 215
  • New Brand of Imperialism and Nationalism – Geoffrey Sainsbury, 218-219
No. 14 – February 20
The British Revolution: The New Revolution: The Revolution of Order

“For knowledge of the deeper reality – and that is to be the inspiration of the New Revolution – this knowledge itself is in itself a power of good, and the dynamic of this third revolutions. The Christian Religion must be tried in the building of the Albion to be and of Europe to come. Without a New Britain and a greatly renewed and strengthened British Commonwealth of Nations, Western Civilization will come to grief.



Another Week Goes By

Christian Politics?

  • Bread on Waters: Letters to the Stray Winds. You say New Britain. Pray, what mean you by New Britain? – Caractacus, 229-2306
  • The State: Communist, Corporate, or Social, 234-235
No. 15 – February 27
  • New Order Being Concerned in Britain, ii
  • The Revolution of Order and the Redemption Through Britain
  • We absolutely agree. Quoted from “The New English Weekly”, Editorial Notes, No. 18, February 14, 1935
  • Bread on the Waters: Letter to the Stray Winds – Caractacus, 250-251
  • British Initiative for European Union – Herbert Palmer, 254-255

The Prevention of War by Collective Action. By Lord Howard of Penrith. (“Friends of Europe” Publications. No 8)

  • New Order Being Conceived in France. Points of l’Ordre Nouveau

The Creative Revolution of the New Order does establish Authority, but it establishes neither Anarchy nor Dictatorship […]

No. 16 – March 6

Complete name: The Eleventh Hour for National Rebirth and the Social State. “Avert War and Civil War by the Revolution of Order”

  • Anticipating and Preparing the New Order, 1

Quoting the Spanish Publicist Ramiro de Maetzu, from the Work “Authority, Liberty and Function”

No. 17 – March 13
  • The Functional Principle, 286-287
  • Europa in Wonderland, 288
  • Man’s Threefold Life – J.F.C.F., 293
  • Judas Iscariot – Leonid Andreyev, translated from the Russian by F. Wood), 2967
No. 18 – March 20

“New Order, Social State,
West and the World!

Europe for Man
Europe for Synthesis
Europe for the Balance

For the Centre, Europe.
Europe for the Focus.
For the Middle, Europe.

Attain, Mankind!
Attain, O Europe, Humanity!

Attain the Present, attain the true Present.
Attain the Transition, O Europe and Europe’s Island!
Europe’s Synthesis, Albion, attain to Intermediation and Transcendence!

Albion, Britain, England, attain to Intermediation.
Attain to transcendence, Albion!
Attain to transcendence of the Extremes!

But, Albion, avoid the Middle Path.
For it is the avoidance of the Path, it is avoidance!
Not right and straight is the Middle Path.

For easy path is, Albion, and no path.
Not of the centre is the Middle Path.
No intermediation is on the Easy Path.

Transcendence is Intermediation, Albion! Avoid of Elevation and the New Path, Albion!”

  • An Appeal to the Editors – Lt. R. Twentyman, 308
  • A New Foreign Policy for Great Britain – W. Horsefall Carter, 311

… “European state of mind” recently invoked by Signor Mussolini.

Hence the demand of New Britain – for European air police vested in a federal authority which, accompanied by a scheme for placing civil aviation on a European instead of national basis, …” [311]

  • Picture of Masaryk, 312
  • The Ancient Controversy and the New Purpose – J.V. Delahaye, 313-314

“In short, is a universal League of Nations, except for certain minor and non-political purposes, the next step?” [314]

  • Inquire, Cognise, Find the Truth, Russia, Europe, Albion! – Anonymous (Mitrinović?), 316-317

“Of the Order that shall come. That must come. The Order of the synthetic and transcending Revolution of Order. Now the truth is tellable. It here follows. The Fascism and Corporatism of the Great Teutonia and of the miserable New Italy and ugly attempt to justify and to serve Europe. The Europe is the New Adam, the New Europe, will not arise out of the terrible and insane Germany, nor out of pathetic and self-dislocated Italy the ugliest of socialisms and syndicalisms. […] The Church of Rome fears the liberation of humanity and in doing so it represents the necessary and natural fear of Christendom, of the historic religion of Europe and of the human sphere. Christianity of Rome, in the name of the whole of Christianity, fears the Soviets; for it fears the Scythians. Who and what are the Scythians? What is Scythia? It is the opposite of the Giant of Waters, of Albion. It is the Continental Imperium of the White Adam. It needs discernment and close investigation to know that this is true; of the White Adam the satanical Scythia is nevertheless the world-arm, the arm by which the West and the North is to govern and to transfigure the East. Yes, the Great East ought to be transfigured interfraternally, positively, in the spirit of the sphere, for the sake of the Universal Adam.

[…] The repentance and reorientation of the World-Jewry is a human necessity, planetary, historic, and immediate. Unless the Jewry re-orientates and changes its Æonian heart of the positive role of Jewry to humanity is ended. One omnipotent and destructive step more and the World-Jewry becomes the enemy of our species, a mortal disease. For the Jew has awakened and orientalised the West. The Jew also has westernised and awakened the East. With the end of the Russian Empire, and the transformation of Russia into the Scythian Imperium, the apotheosis of the Jew in history has ended. Marxism shall die if the Soviets are to live. The materialist dialectics and the magic of words shall die. We shall reconcile with Germany, though insane and criminal Germany is. Indeed. In the name of truth and of the human heart this is verity. But for Europe, nevertheless for Europe, Germany fights. And when New Britain arises, the Atlantic Alliance will arise, with Scythia an Columbia in the Alliance of the West; with Europe federated in the Alliance; which Alliance of the West will organise the South and the East from the standpoint and system of the West and the North.

Great Britain, wake! Wake up, North-West! For Christendom and Humanity need your awakening. Speak out, Albion, and speak that truth which your secret soul must know if you are Christ and of the New Adam; speak and act, and come to know and feel that truth which indeed is a system of contradictions, but is not a chaos of lies, speak so that if you are to speak and act reasonably at all, you need not speak and act with divided and perplex mind. England, Senate Nation if there is to be a Senate Nation, stop old-dealing and new-dealing, and stop sharp flirting with Marxism and Jewish Imperialism. Stop sharp flirting with Fascism and the lunatic State. Social State is for Great Britain, the community of Man, the Commonwealth of Truth; Threefold State, National Guilds, Social Credit. That is the action which is national and social, European and universal. Speed up the Atlantic Alliance, in great haste; with speed which is instantaneity; so that, together with Columbia which shall follow you, you might save Russia from Communism, Europe from Fascism, and your own self from both. Humanity needs a new great Britain. Adam needs Albion; New Adam needs new Albion.” [317]

No. 19 – March 27
  • The League and the Nations, New Britain, New Europe, Anonymous
  • The Disaster is Not Yet Certain

Exeunt Europa and Christendom?
Enter Albion and Columbia?
Can Albion and Columbia bear the West and the World?
Must Europe and Christianity be superseded?

Can the Giant of Waters become super-Latin, super-Teutonic, and Super-Slavonic; […]

  • Debunking the Week, Reginald Duff8
No. 20 – April 3
  • The New English Weekly’s proposal to the Nation and to the King – Anonymous, i
  • A Forgotten Issue: The Historic Christendom – Anonymous, 1-2
  • Bread on the Waters – Caractacus, 360-361
  • Young France on Liberalism, Marxism and Dictatorship. The Point of View of L’Ordre Nouveau – 361-362
  • Quoting Wickham Steed Prophetic Enough! And, Still True! Mr Wickham Steed’s Anticipation of What is Going on. From New Britain Quaterly, No. 3, 1933, iii
No. 21 – April 10


Another Week Goes by Anonymous370
Poem G.D.H ColeHail, Hitler383
Anonymous The Revolution of Free Will. To British Labour or else to Tories, from the New Liberalsiii
Another Week Goes by

Heil, Hitler
In a speech at Karlsruhe recently Dr. Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda, referred to the international situation.

The Führer, he said, has often stretched out the hand of reconciliation to the world. This hand of reconciliation remains outstretched. At this juncture I would like to address an appeal to the world and to the statesmen to give the world a peace based on the respect of all for all.

Europe has certainly not so far realised the meaning of the Hitler salute. The world is full of misunderstandings!


Hail, Hitler

Hail, Hitler! Arms uplifted in salute
The brown-shirt legions march upon their way,
Man, not not so much upraised upon the brute
Reclaims his ancient right to hate and slay.

Hail, Hitler! On they march, they know not whither
Save that they hate the things they leave behind,
On swift waves of unrest borne hither, thither,
Myriad blind followers after leaders blind.
Left, Right, Left, Right,
March through the town,
Might’s Right, Right’s Might,
March in order brown.

Down with the damned Republic that abased us,
Down with the men who signed the shameful Peace,
Down with the Jews, whose machinations waste us.
Re-arm, Re-arm, Re-arm. ‘Tis force that frees.

Hail, Hitler! You alone arose to save us,
To bid us hope, when all was blank despair,
Thanks for the courage and the strength you gave us,
To hate, to joy in hating, and to dare.
Left, Right, Left, Right,
March up and down.
Might’s Right, Right’s Might,
March in order brown.

You made us men again, unchained from slavery,
Bade us no more to suffer, but to will,
To free our land from Communistic knavery,
With fire and sword to sanctify and kill.
Hail, Hitler! Hail! Mid peril and disaster,
The awakened nation hangs upon thy breath;
The German soul hath found in thee a master.
Hail, Hitler! Hail! For we are thine till death.
Left, Right, Left, Right,
March through the town,
Might’s Right, Right’s Might,
March in order brown.

G.D.H. Cole

  • Open Conspiracy – Ernst Beernink, 374-375

“In eternal awareness of truth we pursue truth. If that is the essential vocation of man, then our open conspiracy is to demask ourselves in the presence of all. […]9

  • Wotan

A plea that Germany’s conscripts should be pagans and not Christians is made by General Ludendorff, famous German wartime leader, to mark the celebration of his 70th birthday […]

“To be effective, the new German conscript armies must be imbued with the old Teutonic faith in Odin, and not with the faith and teachings of Christ. […]

But what about this?


And then some … […]

  • Professor Cecil H. Desch has said:

“The task before the civilised world in its passage from the Palaeotechnic to the Neotechnic age is vast enough. […] it means the transformation of industry itself, giving to the crafts of life – agriculture, forestry, and so forth – the place of which they have been robbed by the excessive mechanisation of life, and by the

  • From a Note-Book – A.H., 376
  • Give Hitler His Jew – Jack Common, 376-377
  • For Great Britain of the New Order, 377
  • The primacy of the Persons: From the Points of the New Order of France, 378
  • “Europa Communis” According to Scandinavians – Atlanticus
The Revolution of Free Will. To British Labour or else to Tories, from the New Liberals

Let Individual Initiative and let the Personal Alliance be our beginning. For the sake of the Collective …

We must, therefore, reconcile. For reconciliation is of the Christ-Principle and is co-human. Collective it is, and co-personal. We must glorify God and attain our own human Christ-nature. For the spirit of God is in us and freedom is ours; let dignity and merit be also ours. Let us attain. […]

… is the Co-Human, a PERSON.

Personality. The principle of the New Revolution and of the New Great Britain… […]

No. 22 – April 17
Finis Europae? Respublica Europae?

[ii] Christianity ) what us its mission and future, what is its destiny? […]

Among us He did not dwell. We know Him not. He to us is not revealed, except in His works infinite and mysterious. […]

Revelation of the threefoldness, the revelation of the absolute, constant, simultaneous trinity of God triune, triune Nature, Man threefold and one; and while the Creator of Man and of Nature does not, according to the Scripture and Revelation of the Indo-Aryan Adam, appear in human history once for all, centrally, universally, the Divine nevertheless appears in the fundamental transformers of history of humanity. As for the two Aryan revelations, two they are and not only one, one more Aryan revelation. […]

… and needed revelations of humanity. The insane prophet, Nieztsche, and the man Leonardo, and the man Hegel, and the man Goethe are among the great faithful of the inherent and ethnic religion of the European Aryan; and woe, woe, woe, to us all in Europe and on the Earth, woe to us, the New Germany of our dark belongs, does belong to the true believers of this necessary and great human and Aryan religion.

What is Christianity, then? Shall it survive? Does the Imperium Albion want the great and historic religion of Europe to survive, and can Colombia and Albion alone carry Christianity and the West if Europe is allowed to disappear from the theatre of power and historic reality? […]

  • The Empire Today is an Attempt at an Economic Federation
In Memoriam – Epstein and Ziegler

Jews and Communists, but let us put a cross of Christian remembrance in front of their names as if they had been Fascists and Aryans, for they were beheaded in the Fascist and Aryan City of Berlin on the day of General Goering’s wedding, accused of having murdered the German hero Horst Wessel five years ago, before the birth of the Germany of the New Aryandom. “And now,” said the New Aryan High Priest, “abideth Faith, Hope and Charity, but the greatest of these is Charity”.

  • Ergosophy, Technocracy, Social Energetics and All that, Frederick Soddy, M.A., F.R.S., 400
  • Some Exploratory Ruminations: On the Nature of Money – G.D.H. Cole, 405
No. 23 – April 24
No. 24 – May 1
No. 25 – May 8
No. 26 – May 15

New Series Vol. II (1935)

No. 1 – May 22
No. 2 – May 29
No. 3 – June 5
No. 4 – June 12
No. 5 – June 19
No. 6 – June 26
No. 7 – July 3
No. 8 – July 10
No. 9 – July 17

The New English Weekly


No. 27 – April 13
The New Economics in New Zealand – Odon Por


Ezra Pound

No. 21 – Sept. 7

Kenneth Ingram, Unchristian Christianity

The New Age

New Albion

The New Path


Rev. Carey BonnerNBM: Vice-President (1934)X
Admiral George Cuthbert CayleyNBM: Vice-President (1934)X
Patrick GeddesX
Councillor William J. GuthrieNBM:Vice-President (1934)X
Janko LavrinContributorX
Samuel George HobsonXXNational guilds : An Inquiry into the Wage system and the Way Out (1914)
Harold MacmillanX
Lord MoynihanNBM:Vice-President (1934)X
Charles Benjamin PurdomNBM: Member of the Executive Committee / NB:EditorXX
Bertrand RussellX
Kilburn ScottNBM: Vice-President (1934)X
Frederick SoddyXX
Winter GoninNBM: Member of the Executive CommitteeX
Marshall BrownNBM: Member of the Executive CommitteeX
Rex CampbellNBM: Member of the Executive CommitteeX
N. A. MiddletonNBM: Member of the Executive CommitteeX
Alban RichardsNBM: Member of the Executive CommitteeX
Lt.-Col. J. V. DelahayeAuthorXXX
John HodgsonContributorX
Philip MairetContributorXX
John MacmurrayContributorX
Dimitrije Mitrinović
(Pseudonym: M. M. Cosmoi)
Hugh QuigleyContributorX
Frank WatsonContributorX
Wickham SteedContributorXX
Ethel M. MairetContributorX
Oliver BaldwinContributorXX
Rennie SmithContributorX
A. G. McGregorContributorX
S. L. BensusanContributorX
W. J. BrownContributorX
Eimar O’Duffy†1935ContributorXXX
John Grierson†1935ContributorX
Edwin Muir†1935ContributorX
A.R. Orage†1934NEw: EditorX
H.C. RutherfordEH: Co-Editor (1934-1936?)X
Richard BentleyEH: Co-Editor (May 29, 1935-1936?)X
John Elsden OdleEH: Co-Editor (1934?-May 1935)X
G.D.H. ColeEH: ContributorX
Valerie CooperNB: ContributorX
Gerald HeardNB: ContributorX
Alexandre MarcNB: Contributor / (French) Ordre Nouveau: founder (w/ Suzanne Jean)XX
H. Stanley JevonsContributorX
Kenneth BayesContributorX
Tom RedfernContributorX
Loftus HareContributorX
Geoffrey SainsburyContributorX
Jack CommonContributorXX
J. E. TukeContributorX
Reginald DuffContributorX
Watson ThomsonNAtl: Assistant Editor / ContributorXX
Thomas Stafford Bazley10ContributorX
F.H. DrinkwaterContributorX
William CrosbieContributorX
Frederick RathboneContributorX
C.R. Yuille-SmithContributorX
C.F. MelvilleContributorX
Kenneth RichmondContributorX
A.H. LaneContributorX
W.G. SavageContributorX
David DaviesContributorX
Bonamy DobréeContributorX
Winifred G. FraserNAtl: Secretary / NB: ContributorXX
Maurice G. HannContributorX
A.M. BaerleinContributorX
Mary WilshireContributorX
Arthur Shearly CrippsContributorX
J. Gould FletcherContributorX
Hugh MacDiarmidContributorXX
W. Horsefall CarterContributorXX
Alan W. WattsContributorX
Arthur WraggContributorX
J.T. MurphyContributorX
A.H. MackmurdoContributorX
Lester HutchinsonContributorX
J.F.C. FullerContributorX
K.S. ShelvankarContributorX
G.E.G. CatlinContributorX
Christian GaussContributorXX
Herbert PalmerContributorX
Odon PorContributorX11
George LandsburyContributorX
Max PlowmanContributorX
W.T. SymonsContributorX
Julian SymonsContributorX
Alan PorterContributorX
Hugh Gordon PorteusContributorX
Paul SelverContributorX
Brinley JonesContributorX
N.E. BruggenContributorX
John DavisonContributorX
J.P. CrickContributorX
R.F.C. HullContributorX
Oscar WilliamsContributorX
K.E. BarlowContributorX
James HanleyContributorX
Gordon MunsonContributorX
George OrwellContributorX
G. FinlaysonContributorX
C.H. NormanContributorX
Kaikhosru Shapurji SorabjiContributorX
George PendleContributorX
J.E. SaxonContributorX
Norman NicholsonContributorX
W.F. TomlinContributorX
John SteadContributorX
T. Kerr RitchieContributorX
Geoffrey ParsonsContributorX
David Warren RyderContributorX
Sage HolterContributorX
Arthur BrentonContributorX
Neil MontgomeryContributorX
W.G. PeckContributorX
Hilderic CousensContributorX
Laurence DurrellContributorX
Orion S. Playfair†1939ContributorX
Samuel LohanNBM National Organiser
Christopher Mayne†1939?
X. Morris Robb?
X. Belden?
Canon Raven(Master of Christ’s College and later Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University)

Possible pseudonyms of Mitrinović: Anglo-Saxon, Caractacus, Althotas, Juvenal, Quo Vadis?, Atlanticus, Pontifex, Pontifex II

Karl Polanyi’s contributions

  1. What three-fold state”, New Britain, n°43, March 14, 1934, p. 503-504
  2. Othmar Spann, the philosopher of fascism”, New Britain, May 23, 1934, n°53, p. 6-7
  3. Spann’s Fascist Utopia”, New Britain, vol. III, n°55, June 6, 1934, p. 74-75
  4. Fascism and Marxian terminology”, New Britain, Vol. III, June, 20, 1934, n°57, p. 128-129 & June 27, 1934, n°58, p. 159 & n°59, p. 128-129 + 187-188
  5. Marxism re-stated”, New Britain, June 27, 1934 and July, 4 1934, n°58, p. 159 & n°59, p. 187-188
  6. Rudolf Steiner’s Economy”, New Britain, Vol. III, August 1, 1934, n°63 p. 311-312
  7. The Social State and the Three-Fold Parliament”, The Eleventh Hour, vol. I, April 17, 1935, n°22, p. 403


  1. Against the Gold Standard, as Polanyi in The Great Transformation
  2. They hide the fact it is the same group under the nebula of projects, letting people believe they are different non-connected editors…
  3. They seem to know that there will be war in 1940 …in 1934. Exactly as in the 1933 H.G Wells’s The shape of the things to come.
  4. Compare with the Christian Left’s Enquiry… – Santiago Pinault
  5. They use humanism as an anti-collective body of Christ (Catholic Church) Personalism is a new Protestantism against Catholicism.
  6. Talmudic presentation
  7. Published in several issues.
  8. Duff’s section is very similar to what Polanyi will do for the Der Österreichische Volkswirtschaft with “Aus der Woche
  9. See H.G. Wells’ 1928 Open Conspiracy
  10. Sir Thomas Bazley, 3rd Baronet (1907–1997)
  11. See Vol. XIV, No. 27, April 13, 1939