Correspondence of Ervin Szabó in the KP Archives

How to explain the presence of (a part of) correspondence between Ervin Szabó and Aline Klatschko [AKP 56/02], and between Szabó and Samuel Klatschko [AKP 56/03]? Both correspondences are from years between 1899 and 1901, and letters were typewritten without misprint or crossing-outs, and seem quite ‘recent’ (say, after 1940-1950). Continue Reading

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Deutsches Leben und Schrifttum, a Strange Serie of Polanyi Lectures in 1939

Strange is the archive we can find in KPA 15/06, constituted by the syllabus and notes of a set of six lectures called „Deutsches Leben und Schrifttum” [litterally: “ German Life and Literature”]. Actually, those lectures given by Karl Polanyi between January and February 1939 for the “extended courses” of London Continue Reading

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