A nebula in Great-Britain

See the page “D. Mitrinović & A.R. Orage ‘open conspiracy’ nebula of movement(s)

An European network

At the European level, New Britain Movement is linked to the French movement Ordre Nouveau (New Order). We know that Suzanne Jean has been sent by Mitrinović on Alexandre Marc’s arms (the founder of the movement), and, so, that is in England that the pro-federal Europe had hits head.

Who financed all these movements?


Gladys MacDermot, who works for New Britain1, has her son, Niall, who is jurist and went to the Rugby School before he went to Balliol College and then to work for the International Jurists Commission (IJC) of the Œcumenical Council of Churches2


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  1. “The Rugby group [of the New Britain movement] had been formed after a number of those who had been in on the founding of the movement, including Gladys MacDermot whose son Niall was then a pupil at Rugby School, held a public meeting in the town.” [Rigby 2006, 122]
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