“Of the Order that shall come. That must come. The Order of the synthetic and transcending Revolution of Order. Now the truth is tellable. It here follows. The Fascism and Corporatism of the Great Teutonia and of the miserable New Italy and ugly attempt to justify and to serve Europe. The Europe is the New Adam, the New Europe, will not arise out of the terrible and insane Germany, nor out of pathetic and self-dislocated Italy the ugliest of socialisms and syndicalisms. […] The Church of Rome fears the liberation of humanity and in doing so it represents the necessary and natural fear of Christendom, of the historic religion of Europe and of the human sphere. Christianity of Rome, in the name of the whole of Christianity, fears the Soviets; for it fears the Scythians. Who and what are the Scythians? What is Scythia? It is the opposite of the Giant of Waters, of Albion. It is the Continental Imperium of the White Adam. It needs discernment and close investigation to know that this is true; of the White Adam the satanical Scythia is nevertheless the world-arm, the arm by which the West and the North is to govern and to transfigure the East. Yes, the Great East ought to be transfigured interfraternally, positively, in the spirit of the sphere, for the sake of the Universal Adam.

[…] The repentance and reorientation of the World-Jewry is a human necessity, planetary, historic, and immediate. Unless the Jewry re-orientates and changes its Æonian heart of the positive role of Jewry to humanity is ended. One omnipotent and destructive step more and the World-Jewry becomes the enemy of our species, a mortal disease. For the Jew has awakened and orientalised the West. The Jew also has westernised and awakened the East. With the end of the Russian Empire, and the transformation of Russia into the Scythian Imperium, the apotheosis of the Jew in history has ended. Marxism shall die if the Soviets are to live. The materialist dialectics and the magic of words shall die. We shall reconcile with Germany, though insane and criminal Germany is. Indeed. In the name of truth and of the human heart this is verity. But for Europe, nevertheless for Europe, Germany fights. And when New Britain arises, the Atlantic Alliance will arise, with Scythia an Columbia in the Alliance of the West; with Europe federated in the Alliance; which Alliance of the West will organise the South and the East from the standpoint and system of the West and the North.

Great Britain, wake! Wake up, North-West! For Christendom and Humanity need your awakening. Speak out, Albion, and speak that truth which your secret soul must know if you are Christ and of the New Adam; speak and act, and come to know and feel that truth which indeed is a system of contradictions, but is not a chaos of lies, speak so that if you are to speak and act reasonably at all, you need not speak and act with divided and perplex mind. England, Senate Nation if there is to be a Senate Nation, stop old-dealing and new-dealing, and stop sharp flirting with Marxism and Jewish Imperialism. Stop sharp flirting with Fascism and the lunatic State. Social State is for Great Britain, the community of Man, the Commonwealth of Truth; Threefold State, National Guilds, Social Credit. That is the action which is national and social, European and universal. Speed up the Atlantic Alliance, in great haste; with speed which is instantaneity; so that, together with Columbia which shall follow you, you might save Russia from Communism, Europe from Fascism, and your own self from both. Humanity needs a new great Britain. Adam needs Albion; New Adam needs new Albion.” [317]

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Anonymous (Mitrinović?), The Eleventh Hour for New Order in Great Britain, New Series Vol. I (19341935), No. 18 – March 20 1934, 317