Christian Left [1934-1939]

The Moot [1938-1947]

Christendom Group

Spearheaded by Maurice Reckitt.

There is much affinity between [the Moot and the Christendom Group.] Not only the Christendom group share the Moot’s misgiving Christdendom as a source of fundamental restructuring and renewal. There was also considerable interaction between members. Most notably Philip Mairet attended two meetings, and papers by V.A. Demant and Ruth Kenyon were circulated in the Moot. […] However, in contradistinction to the Christendom Group, the Moot deliberately strived towards launching a sociopolitical movement.

Kurlberg 2019, 162-163


InitialsNameTypeEraYearsNotable members (from the KPESN)
CGChristendom GroupEngland1930s
CLChristian LeftJohn Macmurray
IFORInternational Fellowship of ReconciliationEurope?Donald Grant
ICFIndustrial Christian Fellowship
The MootInformal group of thinkersEngland1938-1944Philip Mairet1 Karl Mannheim; Michael Polanyi;
SCMStudent Christian MovementJohn Macmurray?
WSCFWorld Student Christian Federation
YMCAYoung Men’s Christian Association


KURLBERG Jonas, [2019] Christian Modernism in an Age of Totalitarianism, UK, Bloomsbury, 236 p.

  1. Also very active in the Mitrinović’s nebula of ‘Open Conspiracy’ projects