[ii] Christianity ) what us its mission and future, what is its destiny? […]

Among us He did not dwell. We know Him not. He to us is not revealed, except in His works infinite and mysterious. […]

Revelation of the threefoldness, the revelation of the absolute, constant, simultaneous trinity of God triune, triune Nature, Man threefold and one; and while the Creator of Man and of Nature does not, according to the Scripture and Revelation of the Indo-Aryan Adam, appear in human history once for all, centrally, universally, the Divine nevertheless appears in the fundamental transformers of history of humanity. As for the two Aryan revelations, two they are and not only one, one more Aryan revelation. […]

… and needed revelations of humanity. The insane prophet, Nietzsche, and the man Leonardo, and the man Hegel, and the man Goethe are among the great faithful of the inherent and ethnic religion of the European Aryan; and woe, woe, woe, to us all in Europe and on the Earth, woe to us, the New Germany of our dark belongs, does belong to the true believers of this necessary and great human and Aryan religion.

What is Christianity, then? Shall it survive? Does the Imperium Albion want the great and historic religion of Europe to survive, and can Colombia and Albion alone carry Christianity and the West if Europe is allowed to disappear from the theatre of power and historic reality? […]

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