Née Sinovich1 (1903-?); secretary and a teacher of French and German by profession. In 1929 she is in Vienna, “indefatigable Donald Grant’s secretary” with the Polányis and the Macmurrays.2 In 1930, “just weeks after the Macmurrays left Vienna, [she] returned to Britain to work even more indefatigably for German and Jewish refugee scholars escaping the Nazis.”3.

From 1933 to 1970 she worked as social secretary for the Academic Assistance Council later called Society for the Protection of Science and Learning. In this job she helped thousands of refugees between the two world wars to cope with their practical problems. See Refugee Scholars, Conversations with Tess Simpson, ed. by R.M. Cooper (1992)4

She’s a member of the Christian Left in the 1930’s.


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