Investigating on Karl Polanyi [Non-original soundtrack]

Open door “Steiner” (Not a door a whole labyrinth)… Open door “Western Mysticism” (Christian Esotericism in particular)… Open door “Hungarian Freemasonry” (Important? How to know?)… Open door “Archives on Medicin” (Medicin or Medicin?)… Open door “Mitrinović” (and his nebula of movements including New Britain Movement)… stop confounding Ignác Martinovics and Dimitrije Continue Reading

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Deutsches Leben und Schrifttum, a Strange Serie of Polanyi Lectures in 1939

Strange is the archive we can find in KPA 15/06, constituted by the syllabus and notes of a set of six lectures called „Deutsches Leben und Schrifttum” [litterally: “ German Life and Literature”]. Actually, those lectures given by Karl Polanyi between January and February 1939 for the “extended courses” of London Continue Reading

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