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KPI Description

Title Correspondence: Karl Polanyi – Ilona Duczynska, 1943-1947
Author Karl Polanyi, Ilona Duczynska
Description File consists of hand-written and typed letters between Karl Polanyi and Ilona Duczynska. The letters are in German and Hungarian.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/268
Date 1943-1947


Name Date P.
To Ilona 1947.09.19
To Ilona 1947.09.20 242-249
To Ilona 1947.09.22 250
From Ilona 1947.09.?? 251-252
To Ilona 1947.09.23 253-258
To Ilona 1947.09.24
To Ilona 1947.11.xx 426
To Ilona n.d. 467-468
To Ilona n.d. 481-482