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Organized by or under the auspices of Karl Polanyi Institute

Year Place Main topic / name Publications
1st 1986 Budapest, Hungary The Life and Work of Karl Polanyi SALEE [1991], The Legacy of Karl Polanyi. Market, State and Society at the End of the Twentieth Century
2d 1988 Montreal, Canada Market, State and Society at the End of the 20th Century CANGIANI, [1997] The Milano Papers. Essays in Societal Alternatives
3d 1990 Milan, Italy The Seductive Market and the Future of Socialism
4th 1992 Montreal, Canada Beyond Market and State: Survival Strategy or Autonomous Development? DUNCAN [1994] From Political Economy to Anthropology Situating Economic Life in Past Societies
McROBBIE [1994] Humanity, Society, and Commitment. On Karl Polanyi
LUSTIGER-THALER & SALEE [1994] Artful Practices. The Political Economy of Everyday Life
MENDELL & NIELSEN, [1995] Europe. Central and East
5th 1994 Vienna, Austria Re-Reading The Great Transformation: Freedom in a Complex Society McROBBIE & POLANYI-LEVITT, [2000] Karl Polanyi in Vienna. The Contemporary Significance of the Great Transformation
6th 1996 Montreal, Canada Reciprocity, Redistribution and Exchange: Re-Embedding the Economy in Culture and in Nature SHRAGGE & FONTAN [2000] Social Economy. International Debates and Perspectives
TANDY [2001] Prehistory and History. Ethnicity
ADAMAN & DEVINE, [2001] Class and Political Economy, and Economy and Society. Money, Capitalism and Transition
7th 1999 Lyon, France Re-Thinking Human Needs
8th 2001 Mexico City, Mexico Economy and Democracy
9th 2003 Montreal, Canada Co-Existence
10th 2005 Istanbul, Turkey Protecting Society and Nature from Commodity Fiction BUĞRA & AĞARTAN, [2007] Reading Karl Polanyi For The Twenty-First Century. Market Economy as a Political Project
11th 2008 Montreal, Canada The Relevance of Karl Polanyi for the 21st Century
12th 2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina Karl Polanyi and Latin America
13th 2014 Montreal, Canada The Enduring Legacy of Karl Polanyi
14th 2017 Seoul, South Korea The Great Transformation & Contemporary Crises
Karl Polanyi Institute Asia (KPIA), October 12-14, 2017[1]
15th 2019 Budapest/Vienna, Hungary/Austria Karl Polanyi for the 21th century: Karl Polanyi and the Future of Humankind / Universal Capitalism in Decline?


N° year Place Main topic / name Publications
2017 Linz, Austria A Great Transformation? Global Perspectives on Contemporary Capitalisms


  1. All the previous informations come from GOMEZ Ana, [2008] “The Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy: A Narrative of Contributions to Social Change”, Revue Interventions économiques, n°38, 9-12 (§30-39). Since March 2017 we can see this page: Conferences (IKP).