To Ilona (No date)

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[467] On the {Grososnif} herd of manuscripts - No, feudalism is not yet ripe for family consumption; it awaits {pour} bathing partnership.

The private allatkert - not {whipsnade} but {Barmun} of Bailey ! – is the divergence between actual and assumed motives or (masodik maskaka) psychology and ideology. The {number/member} of stars, twins and quintuplets […]

Six months of solid work have gone into it – tonight I corrected the first draft - (Joan had done the typing, and very well too). This will now go to Lazarsfeld & Merton - the latter being the initiator, the first is to be convinced. It is really a chapter out of my general sociology, one of the introductory ones on method. The secret news about it is this[:] it is already being used by various students, in actual research [468] work – making me of various unauthorized drafts which were confidentially circulated.

An other humble animal is cowering in the {aulech} ambers of the powerful: Hamlet, the under-dog.

And there are some other in various ante-chambers awaiting the Trumpets of Resurrection.

And goodnight now my only one.


Letter Informations

Date: Between 1947 and 1954
KPA: 59/08, 467-468