To Ilona (24 September 1947)

From Karl Polanyi
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[260] Darling sister,

Two events happened today in my life of work: a student who had made ___ of my sociological draft and is leaving for Palestine to write her thesis on communist agricultural settlements, unexpectedly sent me a brief paper with a complete elaboration of the application of my ____ + definitions to her future field! They ___ is not a student of mine had {hanty} {rpohen} to her; she had p___ made notes of my draft whing I refused to leave with her.

I regard this as the experimentum crucis. It proves fully the relevance of the new approach.

In the afternoon I discovered a paper written in 1924, and presented to the Prussian Academy, which completely bears out my theory on primitive feudalism & "feudalism of {deoy}" which I intend to make my chief ___ of study.

[261] The man had broken into the sanctum, but ____ I have the key. I possess the key, but was not certain what I would find in the sanctum. Actually I now know what my _______ was correct. But of course my explanation is much simplest and its inexplications are highly relevant to our time.

This was a wonderful day.

And it all started with your "intimate {like/lettre} (N°2) the sweetest marvel ever proposed on a happy man.

I am too tired to go into details now. Please cable if you need any information. ____ you fly to Canada direct ___ you intend to go by Panamerican? […]

Letter Informations

KPA: 59/08, 260-261