To Ilona (20 September 1947)

From Karl Polanyi
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First Letter

Confidential - To share with no one

[242] Dear Ilko,

when {Marika} was here she told me she was engaged in publishing (and writing about) Gyurgi's work. She came, accross your 'Neuer Weg' article (in Bohemean, I suppose). {Itoerow} of Gollanz's pamphlet and your very strong realism towards {thrist}. I believe this might be an excellent _______ for you to {publing} rectify anything your felt needed rectification on this score. Should you now come to {towads} could deal with this, too. Aeivgother, you should not nuderate the value of the {freeknis} still maintained [243] in the British world, and - in actual fact - even overthere; they are very considerable (the Consul's threats mean very little, since there are simple ways to eliminate them altogether.)

However, once over here, or in Canada we could start making new plans for reunion ({Kemancy Baust}'s wife has just been back to Hungary and {Halevy} has been there 3 times, recently). Altogether, a cool & deliberate masters of life which comes from {inner}. Clarity is the only thing that can save us. I see no other hope, I am convinced that there is none (nor do I {tny} {belcene} that we deserved to be saved on other terms).

Of course all such plans need time to nature. I thought of them at once, but {nutess} have more clearly whether I [244] can rely on you absolutely I have not sufficient confidence to leave prospects of future plans on them. Another piece of informations on which I cannot now amplify is that in Canada you might expect to be able to get research work on your own lines.

Incidentally, it is the only comity outside Hungary with a really large & highly active Hungarian progressive group in existence. I need not say that I do not believe anybody but ourselves is able to judge of the true miners convictions of life, of you & {we}. In this vast field even the purest heart + {warmeal} of friends is a mere dilettante. Brinck well and love me. Love me and think well. I {tued} you.

Dicki Grad

Second Letter

[245] This long lonely {Sweety} I have been working well - my self again. More than once in this days I was on the bristle of eclipse. At no time – except in “those” days – have I found it so difficult to move from {hear} to {hear}, happy to find a safe footing in the next. Even this [246] morning, while typing suddenly my


[248] On Tuesday I'll have your cable on meeting in Canada. Once that's secured, it might be even left over a while - maybe you get a cheap sailing - since we now need our money as never before.

I'll try and see Julishka {om} since she's over here.

[249] Your letters are heaven's

Letters Informations

KPA: 59/08, 242-249