Manual and intellectual Labour

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Part One

[197] During the war, the intellectual class powers upon which it thrives do not reside within it. Everywhere it was the intelligentsia that sharpened and aggravated the selfish, blind interests of social groups and the deaf, irrational passions of the mob.

And the industrial working class showed during the war that it alone cannot be entrusted with the cause of human progress. […]

Part Two


Text Informations

Original Publication: “Fizikai és szellemi munka”, Szabadgondolat, 9.1, January 1919, p. 9-12, and 9.2, 15 January 1919, p. 30-34
KPA: 01/30 (7 p. copied from the original; 7 p. translated in English)
Recent English Translation: “Manual and intellectual Labour”, in POLANYI 2016, p. 197-203
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FR Travail manuel et intellectuel