A mai nemzedék hivatása

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[73] For the inestimable interests of the world’s old-established priests demand that posterity shall never hear of today’s Revelation; that no word shall filter through to them of any voice that was heard by an entire generation in the era of blood; that we all have heard the Word that spoke thus to us in the epoch of disillusionment and shame: ‘Cease the worship of idols. See where the false gods have led you. Bear eternal witness to the shame of the present, and you will find the true path.’ Our generation must unite behind this lesson.

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Text Informations

Original Publication: “A mai nemzedék hitvatása”, Szabadgondolat, (June)[1] 8.4, 1918, p. 37-46
KPA: 01/26 (34 p., 2 typed versions in English) + 01/42 (40 p., 3 versions, copies of the original and a tipped, in Hungarian)
Other Languages:

Lge Name
EN The Calling of a Generation
FR « L'appel d'une génération »


  1. …“published in June 1918.” [Litván 1990, 32]