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KPI Description

Title Ilona Duczynska: Draft translation – The Calling of This Generation, 1970
Author Polanyi, Karl
Abstract File contains two annotated typed drafts of a translation by Ilona Duczynska titled “The Calling of This Generation”, 17p. It is a draft translation of an article written in Hungarian by Karl Polanyi, which appeared in Szabadgondolat in June 1918. There is no original Hungarian article by Karl Polanyi in this file.
Description From articles, review articles, draft articles, addresses, and prefaces in Hungarian and German, written mostly in Hungary and Vienna, 1907-1933. Also included are some English translations by Karl Polanyi, as well as later translations by Ilona Duczynska done in the 1970's.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/43
Date 1918