The Test of Socialism

From Karl Polanyi
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[86] […]

Bernstein (and his followers) […]

Jesuit apology flaked off the comparable behaviour of the Catholic Church.


Behold, the Catholic Church! Look at its almost 2,000-year-old storm-ravaged fortress! Despite its bloody crises, horrific calamities, and despite … [87] in or beyond Christendom, who doubts that the Catholic Church has repudiated, trampled or crucified its on raison d'être and declared creed: the teachings of Jesus and the ideals of Christianity?

[…] [89] … the Verelendungstheorie and the Zusammenbruchstheorie. […]


[90] Engels' phrase, […]

[91] The only thing that will remain of socialism wil be the global edifice of the trade unions, just as the only thing that has remained of Christianity is the Holy Church of Catholicism.

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Original Publication: “A szocializmus próbája”, Szabadgondolat, 8.10, December 1918, p. 241-246
KPA: 01/47 (6 p. ; copy of original)
English Translation: “The Test of Socialism” in POLANYI 2016, p. 86-91
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FR « Le test du socialisme »