The Church is Natural

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[16] The Church has long been alienated from natural laws because they were under the influence of Freemasonry. As for emotion, only meteorology has remained reliable and is therefore the Church's favorite profession. Unfortunately, the weather is unreliable in other respects.

At first, the church says, with resignation, and later with hope, today, "Ignorabimus."

It would be much easier for itemized religions to rest in our descent from the human ape if we did not insist at all costs on the awkward assumption that the ancestors of mankind were created by God in His own image.

The main bug in the biblical story of creation is not that God does not exist, but that, according to our knowledge today, the creation of the world took place quite differently from what the Old Testament says. This is substantive and, in addition, the detail about God is almost marginal. p. k.

[19] The Church is an unfaithful steward for the good of society. His agents play „in sich”. The lair is speculated by the clergy as à la hausse, and by the Christian socialists as à la baisse, and while he assures himself, he plunders his clients as he pleases. p. k.

[38] The granite soil of primitive cultures is stupid. This is the "rock" on which the church is built.

The Pope of Rome declared the Vatican Council infallible. This is a great step forward, because at least the Holy Father cannot be deceived. When will the faithful finally be infallible ?!

The savages, if disappointed in their idols, beat them. The idols were tired of this treatment and moved to heaven, where they have since lived a restful life.

From the pulpits of the temples and the pulpits, the intoxication in which the Hungarian electoral movements take place flows. The XV. t.-c. Section 170, a. n. Kanzel paragraph, he stopped the spirits during the election movements. But to prevent the disturbed balance of moral order from overturning, Section 9 has made the law of watering lawful.

p. k.

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Reference: 1913a
Original Publication: “Az egyház a természeti…”, Szabadgondolat, 3.1, ??? 1913, p. 16, 19, 38
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