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[124] Ecclesiastical estates are engaged in massive animal husbandry. Thus, it may have happened that our high priests literally took the parable of the true flock and cursed the Serbian pig in their chief pastoral rage. p. k

Even in the village, the hyenas meet the devil more than once on a bright day. The welcome improvement in public safety in the capital put an end to these scandalous conditions. p. k

[134] Each button on the rosary represents an Ave Mary. Every tenth button is bigger and means a Pater noster. And your last button means you can start again now. And it has been in this circle that religious thought has been moving for two thousand years. p. k.

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Reference : 1913c
Original Publication: “Az egyházi uradalmak”, Szabadgondolat, 3.4, 1913, p. 124, 134
KPA: 01/18, 5 (1 page; copy of the original article)
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