Notes on the Place Occupied by Economies in Societies

From Karl Polanyi
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Prefatory remarks

I. Limitations of market-derived economic disciplines

II. The comparative and developmental study of economic institutions in early societies. Example: Prestige and the economy

(a) Unawareness of the economy

(b) Fields of empirical study

(c) Institutional analysis

(d) Archaic economic institutions

(e) Cora DuBois: 'prestige economy'

(f) Grain imports on Samos and fish procurement of the Pomo Indians

(g) The Preisphora; the nexum; The Alcmeonids

(h) Treasure and power

(i) Elite circulation of treasure: The Alcmeonids

(j) Tyrannie and treasure: The Peistratids

III. Semantics of money uses

(a) Pseudo-philosophy of money

(b) All purpose and special purpose money

(c) Exchange money

(d) The payment use of money

(e) Hearding or storage-use of money

(f) Use of money as a standard

(g) Treasure and staple finance

(h) Babylonia and Dahomey

Text Informations

Date: 1955 - March 1956
KPA: 33/03, 3-54
See also: “The Semantics of Money-Uses