The Semantics of Money-Uses

From Karl Polanyi
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Pseudo-Philosophies of Money

All-Purpose and Special-Purpose Money


The Payment-Use of Money

Hoarding or Storage of Money

Use of Money as s Standard

Elite Circulation and Staple Finance

Babylonia and Dahomey

Appendix: Notes on Primitive Money

I. General propositions on trade, money, and markets

II. Propositions in regard to primitive money

Money uses

The definitions of Money in Primitive Economics, Cultural Anthropology, and Economic Analysis

Independent Institutional Origins of Money Uses

III. Money: Theoretical and institutional concepts

Classical Economics

Neo-classical economics

Institutional terms

How are debts paid in the absence of exchange?

Money as a means of exchange

Money as a standard of value

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Original Publication: “The Semantics of Money-Uses”, Explorations, University of Toronto, 1957
Recent Publication in English: with additions, in DALTON (ed.) 1968, p. 175-203

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