Economy and Democracy

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[61] A chasm has opened between the economy and politics. These scant words give the diagnosis of the times.

The economy and politics, two manifestations of the life of society, have declared their autonomy and wage unceasing war against each other. They have become slogans under which political parties and economic classes pursue their opposing interests. Things have reached the point that right feud in the name of economy and democracy, as if these to two basic functions of society could be embodied in two separate parties within the state!

There is no contemporary problem more worthy of the attention … […]

There is no need to enter this realm in order to affirm staunchly and clearly the calling of economic and political education in our times: to lead democracy to maturity through knowledge and personal responsibility.

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Original Publication: “Wirtschaft und Demokratie”, Der Österreichische Volkswirtschaft, XXV, n°13-14, December 1932, p. 301-303
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Recent Publication in English: in Polanyi 2018b, p. 61-65
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FR Économie et démocratie