Cangiani & Thomasberger (eds), Karl Polanyi. Economy and Society

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CANGIANI Michele and THOMASBEGER Claus (eds), Karl Polanyi. Economy and Society, Cambridge, Polity Press, 326 p.

Reference: Polanyi 2018b.

Table of Contents

Article/Text Title Year P.
Introduction by Michele Cangiani and Claus Thomasberger 2018 1-12
Part I. Red Vienna
On Freedom 1927 15-40
New Reflections Concerning our Theory and Practice 1925 41-50
The Functionalist Theory of Society and the Problem of Socialist Economic Accounting 1924 51-58
Part II. The World Economic Crisis and the Rise of Fascism
Economy and Democracy 1932 61-65
The Mechanism of the World Crisis 1933 66-80
The Essence of Fascism 1935 77-90
The Fascist Virus 1940 (ap.) 108-122
Part III. On Marx and the Christian Roots of Western Civilization
Fascism and Marxism 1934 125-134
Marx on Corporativism 1936 135-143
Community and Society. The Christian Criticism of our Social Order 1937 144-153
Christianity and Economic Life 1937 154-164
Part IV. The Great Transformation, Political Philosophy and Democracy
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, or Is a Free Society Possible? 1953 167-176
Common Man's Masterplan 19411943 177-186
The Meaning of Parliamentary Democracy 1945 187-196
Our Obsolete Market Mentality. Civilization Must Find a New Thought Pattern 1947 197-211
Part V. Alignments on the International Stage
Why Make Russia Run Amok? 1945 213-214
British Labour and American New Dealers 1943 226-230
Universal Capitalism or Regional Planning? 1945 231-239
Part VI. Towards a Comparative Study of Economic Institutions
On Belief in Economic Determinism 1947 241-242
The Livelihood of Man, Introduction 1950-1953 241-242
The Economistic Fallacy 19501953 263-274
The Two Meanings of Economic|The Two Meanings of Economic 19501953 275-289
The Economy Embedded in Society 19501953 290-289
Hamlet 1954 301-313