Civil War

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[95] Where should we look for truth and justice?

Those who would … […]

We are not of persuasion. We hold … […]

The mistreatment of the arrested communists had the whole capital, … […]

For non-communist public opinion, the behaviour … […]

According to the communists, as long as the state exists, … […]

[96] […] … from Hijra to the Peace of Westphalia, … […] from the fertile Fertile Crescent through Spain to France; from the home of Tristan to Jerusalem; the conflagration of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, which swept … […]

Almost all the religious movements of the Reformation were communistic, and contemporary communism is likewise a religious movement.

[…] [97] Cross of Malta to the Cross of Geneva, we inherit a thousand years of war ethics.

[98] … Kant …

Only a socialist party that is steadfastly set on the road of the moral transformation of the soul can be entitled to use force to defend the programme of democracy.

Translation: Adam Fabry

Text Informations

First publication: “Polgárháború”, Szabadgondolat, 9.5, 1919, p. 121-125
KPA: 01/29 (7 p. copied from the original ; 7 p. translated in English)
Published english translation : “Civil War”, in DALE Gareth (ed.), Karl Polanyi: The Hungarian Writings ([POLANYI 2016]), p. 95-98
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FR Guerre civile