Believing and Unbelieving Politics

From Karl Polanyi
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[99] … Marx … [100] … Bertrand Russell … [101] … Hegel's conception of State … [102] … Henry George … [103]

[104] We should not dwell on the essence of human nature. For our part, we refuse to discuss the topic. The question is too obscure and vague to be able to support the sort of important conclusions that are under discussion here. The future of humanity, its universal faith, cannot reasonably be left in the hands of a seemingly well-founded economic theory or law of physics, let alone commonsensical philosophical truisms.


[105] [106]

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First Publication: “Hivö és hitetlen politika”, Napkelet, 2.7, p. 984-990
KPA: 01/40 (7 typed p. in Hungarian)
Recent Publication in English: “Believing and Unbelieving Politics”, in POLANYI 2016, p. 99-107
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FR Politique de croyants et de non-croyants