What three-fold State?

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[503] In the last issue of NEW BRITAIN and Outline of a New Constitution for Britain was given. Britain should become a Three-Fold State with a Parliament of Three chambers: the Political, the Economic, and the Cultural Chamber, and a Senate to co-ordinate their work.

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Let's return to the Outline of a Three-Fold State.

[504] As long as the Political Chamber has its way, Fascism is… […]

The only real problem is cultural. A society united in its values needs no artificial unity in its institution. It is ripe for a Three-Fold State. More than any other form of society, functional society must rely for its unity on the ultimate personal convictions of its members about the significance of human life in society, that is, in plain English, upon an underlying unity of a religious kind.

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Original Publication: “What three-fold state”, New Britain, n°43, 14 March 1934, p. 503-504
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