Trade and Market in the Early Empires

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  • Editor's Preface
  • Introductory Note
  • Part One: Birth of Economy
  • Part Two: Aztec-Maya; Dahomey; Berber; India
    • VI. Anthropology as History – Conrad M. Arensberg
    • VII. Port of Trade Enclaves in Aztec and Maya Civilizations – Anne C. Chapman
    • VIII. A Port of Trade: Wydah on the Guinea Coast – Rosemary Arnold
    • IX. Separation of trade and Market: Great Market of Wydah – Rosemary Arnold
    • X. Explosive Markets: The Berber Highlands – Francisco Benet
    • XI. Reciprocity and Redistribution in the Indian Village: Sequel to some Notable Discussions – Walter C. Neale
  • Part Three: Institution Analysis
    • XII. The Place of Economics in Societies – Karl Polanyi, Conrad M. Arensberg and Harry W. Pearson
    • XIII. The Economy as Instituted Process – Karl Pplanyi
    • XIV. Sociology and the Substantive View of the Economy – Terence K. Hopkins
    • XV. Parsons and Smelser on the Economy – Harry W. Pearson
    • XVI. The Economy has no Surplus: Critique of a Theory Development – Harry W. Pearson
    • XVII. Economic Theory Misplaced: Livelihood in Primitive Society – Daniel B. Fusfeld
    • XVIII. The Market in Theory and History – Walter C. Neale

Text Informations

Original Publication: Trade and Market in the Early Empires. Economies in History and Theory (with ARENSBERG M. Conrad et PEARSON Harry) (eds.), USA, The Free Press, Glencoe Illinois & The Falcon’s Wing press

Lge Name
FR Commerce et marché dans les premiers empires : sur la diversité des économies


  • 38/08: Table of contents, preface and introduction 1956-1959
  • 38/09: Reviews, 1957-1965
  • 38/10 : Mailing list for announcement, 1966

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