To Ilona (20 March 1947)

From Karl Polanyi
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My sister love, what could you make your heart safer…

[…] They are on Tawney, Pirenne, Cunningham and Margaret Mead, two of them on my own book (which I deliberate did not "require" so as to {lossen} the ties {thiking} course {&} book anyway). Three of the four students whose work I have seen till now – the fourth is pedestrian – are {erinsing} in a new winged machine. It is different, and yet it is the same. You would know it at once, by the glitter, the {soan}ing sound, the swoop. […]

[28] How often I told you of Blériot first flight somewhere on the Rakos. Though I must have been twenty-three, it comes to me like a boy's dream. But this time it borrowed its wings from us.


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KPA: 59/08, 28-29