To György Lukács (31 January 1912)

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A gépelni kívánt magyar szöveget



Az édesapád az egy angol.


English Translation

(tr. Adam Fabry) […] My countless visits move her [Leo's mother] forward only slowly. Finally, yesterday, we arrived at the point of going through Leo's belongings. (…) The episodes were - as Leo had predicted - so amusing that I sometimes thought that Leo would rise again from the dead out of sheer gratified joy.

[218] Leo destroyed his letters. I burned the few that remained. He only kept Bé's, yours, Otto's Heini's and my letters. […]

I found a lot of texts with sentences, introductions and fragments. I knew them already. Among them were the finished version of 'The Dialogue' and line from 'Seghers' and 'Cézanne'. The 'diaries' and so on. I will re-read 'The Dialogue'. If I like it [Leo Popper's drafts], I will pass it to Kraus for publication. […]

[219] Your father is an Englishman.

[…] I shall be away for some months, in order to take my lawyer's exams. I'll be studying in ……… where it is quiet and living costs are low. …

Letter Informations

Date: in their Selected Correspondence of G. Lukács, Judith Marcus and Zoltán Tar Polanyi read '27' January, where Adam Fabry read '31'.
KPA: 56/06, 90-92
Recent Publications: Selected Correspondence of G. Lukács, edited, translated and annotated by Judith Marcus and Zoltán Tar, New York, Columbia University Press, 1986, 192-194 / Polanyi 2016, 217-219.