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Title Correspondence: Karl Polanyi – György Lukács, 1908-1970
Author Karl Polanyi, György Lukács
Description File consists of hand-written letters, some letters have been transcribed and typed, in Hungarian, from Karl Polanyi to György Lukács from 1908 to 1964. Also included are four hand-written letters in German, with typed transcriptions, from Cécile Polanyi to György Lukács, one letter is dated 1908, two letters are dated 1910, and one letter is undated, including an English translation. File also contains a hand-written letter, in Hungarian, from Ilona Duczynska to György Lukács, dated 1970, and a typed letter in Hungarian from György Lukács to Ilona and Karl.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/221
Date 1908-1970


Name Date P.
From Cecile Polanyi to György Lukács 1912.03.02 1-16
To György Lukács 1908.11.xx 17-23
To György Lukács 1908.06.21 24
To György Lukács 1908.07.22 25-27
To György Lukács 1918.08.08 28-40
To György Lukács 1908.12.09 41-45
To György Lukács 1918.12.18 46-51
From Cecile Polanyi to György Lukács 1917.04.17 52-55
From Cecile Polanyi to György Lukács 1917.04.17 56-60
To György Lukács 1911.10.24 61-66
To György Lukács 1912.01.31 90-92