The Legacy of the Galilei Circle

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Extract from 30/02, 2

All I have become, I have become in Hungary. My life has been given sense by Hungarian lives. Any mistakes I have made have been paid for here, in Hungary. Therefore, any good I might have achieved should benefit this country. That little I have been able to give the world should eventually return here.

K. Polányi: The bequest of the Galilei Circle
Uj Látóhatár 1960. No. 6.
p. 513-514

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Original Publication: “A Galilei Kör hagyatéka”, Új Látóhatár, III, efv, November-December 1960, 6. Sz. 5-13-523. old
KPA: 37/20 (21 typed p. and then 6 typed p. of draft, in Hungarian)
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FR « L'héritage du Cercle Galilée »