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KPI Description

Title Karl Polanyi: Polanyi on Polanyi, 1958-1960
Author Karl, Polanyi
Description File consists of typed reflections and personal statements by Karl Polanyi on himself, his life and work. The statements are in German and English.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/457
Documents Date 1940s-1960s


Name Year lg p.
Extract of a letter to Otto {X} 1940•1943 de 1
Extract of the bequest of the Galilei Circle 1960 en 2
Letter to Beatrice de Waard 1958 de 3
Two versions of a typed extract of a letter to Ilona (26 July 1941) 1941 en 4-5
Draft Manuscript of “Our Country's Duty”? 1963? en 6
Typewritten Draft of a Letter (1960s) 1960? en 7-8
Typed extract from a letter to O. Jászi (1945) 1945? en 9-10

Draft Manuscript of “Our Country's Duty”?

[6] Polanyi Károly

Our country's duty[1]

The author of this lines was among those who launched the Galilei Circle in the early years of our century. He belonged to the Western emigres from Horthy, but never {believ}ed the this with his home country.

History continued to evolve. The October Revolution was followed by the Soviet {regime} of 1919, followed by White Terror and Counter-Revolution which turned on {hoot} war into a moral catastrophe.

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