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Why 1944?

57/08, 44-47; the Box contains letters of 1958, but at the end there are 4 letters without date. This one , also present in KPA, comes from Michael Polanyi Papers.

Elements helping the datation:

  • the direction: it's the same than those in a letter to Taylor x in 1944
  • 1944: he speaks about the “The Karoly movement” and Karl Mannheim => we have to see when Mannheim enters its, but Polanyi enters in 1944.
  • In 1944, Kari is 21 years old and seeks a job; she is not already married.
  • He saw Kenneth Muir recently in Leeds, so he is in England
  • In 1944, he also wrote to a “master” (see below)

“your paper”

“the book”

  • “The proofs of the book have arrived”, ”Macmillans“: which book can P. speaks about?

A Master

  • “Do you not think that I should see the Master about it?”: who can be this “Master”? A.D. Lindsay, the master of Bailliol [See Dale 2016, 122]? Was he “very closely connected with Nuffield College”? Is it the same “master” that Polanyi wrote the July 15th, 1944? --Santiago Pinault (talk) 00:45, 21 September 2017 (BST)