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“New Order”

[14] (1932) “There is no equal ____ for all. We would have the concept to make this _____ the basis of all our actions, and to acknowledge it openly.” 48.

The new hierarchy

“There will be a new _____class… {welded} from the more {paried} elements. There will be a great hierarchy of party-workers. There will be the new middle class. And there will be great mans of the anonymous, the serving collective, the eternally ________ {no} matter whether they were once members of the old bourgeoisie, ___ big and-owning class, ___ ______-class or the artisans. Nor will ____ financial or previous social positions be of the slightest importance. There propositions ______ ____ have been (…) ______y process. But beneath (…) clan of subject alien races; we need ____ __ to call them the modern slave-class. And over all of them will stand the new high aristocracy, the most {deserving} and the most responsible {fuhrer}-personalities. In this way __ the struggle for power and mastery better within a _____ and outside it, new classes emerge” {[50/80]}

His key to success.

[15] “The era of democracy is over, inexorably finished. We have been drawn into a movement which will carry us along with it, … […]


[16] (spring 1934)
“I quite agreed that a hard and fast Ruso-German alliance was not without its dangers for Germany. Why? […]

Case against nations

[17] “Certainly we shall ____ to our new ruling class member of others nations who has been mostly of ou course on this point: […]

Foreign policy.

“The struggle against Versailles is the means, but not the end of my policy. […]

R: It was unwise to rouse all nations against us by our too ambitious political aims, and thus be left, in the end, without allies. The only practicable method for Germany … […] [18]




[19] (1932) “Germany is Europe. I give you my guarantee […]

Economic policy (Danzig {acflaton})

[20] “I […] changing the permanent of the ruling class.” 105

Religion and Churches

[21] “No”. These professors and mystery-men who want to found nordic religions merely yet in my way. Why __ I tolerate them? Because they help to dis_______, which is all we can do at the moment. 59… “I'm Catholic. .. Bismarck may be fool. In others words, he was a Protestant. Protestants {about know}. What a {} is. …. “and least of all I shall {prophetise} a cultural struggle.” 60

Hitler and the Nazi Party

“the … […]

Hitler and the Party

(Febr. 1934) Hitler “seemed to have betrayed the revolutionary ideas of this friend (Röhm) but it was only a seeming betrayal.” 156

Army Reform

Arming of SA and SS? “This plan is discarded. […]


[24] […]

The new democracy

[25] historic past nut in terms of race that transcend those boundaries. … I know perfectly well, just as all these tremendously clever intellectuals that in the scientific sense there is no such thing as race. But you, as a farmer and cattlebreeder […]

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Date: 19341945
KPA: 09/06, 14-27