Marxist Economic Thought

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[1] Studies in the Developement of Capitalism. By Maurice H. Dobb. New York: International Publishers Company, 1947. Pp. ix, 396. $3.50

He would be a rare economic historian… [2]


[…] Non-Marxists among the representatives of institutionalist methods in economic history… […]

Adherents of institutionalism as represented by Cunningham, Weber, and Pirenne may well be disappointed. Verily from unexpected quarters aid and comfort has come to the enemy. Through Dobb's suggestion that “supply and demand” and “intervention” be accepted as dominant categories in nonmarket economies, Mises and Hayek have, in the last analysis, scored a surprising success.

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Reference: “Marxist economic thought”, Journal of Economic History, 1947, p. 206-207
KPA: 35/07
French Translation: « Marxisme et histoire économique »