From Karl Mannheim (5 June 1944)

From Karl Polanyi
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[49] 5, The Park
London N.W.11.
SPEedwell 0375

5th June, 1944

Dear Polanyi,

You must forgive me for not having written for such a long time, but I wanted to make a suggestion for a meeting. Unfortunately, we both are harrassed at the moment that we would neither find time for a quiet talk nor could I have a look at your book which safely reached me. I thought the best is perhaps, therefore, if I send this interim note, telling you about the causes of my silence and about my intention to ring you as soon as we feel free, and I hope this will be before long.

You must not think that this delay is due to a lack of interest in either you or your work, but simply to the fact that I have taken over during the war too many obligations like most of us and can hardly cope with them. There are many things we should like to discuss with you both and we are looking forward to a meeting.

With very kindest regards from both of us to both of you.


Karl Mannheim

P.S. I am writing this letter in English as this gives me an opportunity of dictating it.

Letter Informations

KPA: 47/14, 49-50