Dahomey and the Slave Trade

From Karl Polanyi
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[vii] This book is of vital importance to anthropology for several reasons, the most compelling being that the concerns of history and of anthropology are overlapped in it.

Polanyi's position in economic anthropology (…) is secure. He has enabled anthropologists to focus their studies of economy on processes of allocation rather of production, thereby bringing the studies into line with economic theory to systems it was not designed to explain.

Part I. The Frame of History

Chapter One. An Inland Dynasty and the Gap of Benin

Chapter Two. The Challenge of the Slave Trade

Part II. Patterns of the Economy

Chapter Three. Redistribution: The State Sphere

Chapter Four. Reciprocity: Mutual Aid and Cooperation

Chapter Five. Householding: Land and Religion

Part III. The Slave Trade

Chapter Seven. Whydah: Institutional Origins of a Port of Trade

Chapter Eight. Savi: Sovereign Whydah and the Treaty

Chapter Nine. The Port of Trade Under Dahomey

Chapter Ten. Fictitious European Money in the Slave Trade

Part IV. Conclusion

Chapter Eleven. Archaic Economic Institutions

Text Informations

Original Publication: Dahomey and the Slave Trade (ed. by A. Rotstein), USA, The University of Washington Press for the American Ethnological Society, 194 p., 1966

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