Community and Society. The Christian Criticism of our Social Order

From Karl Polanyi
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1. How do we focus our discussion on subjects related to society e.g. politics, economics?

2. Why can the Marxian analysis of society be accepted by the Christian?

Because the Marxian … […]

The Marxian definition … […]

The concept of society of Marx is that of the relationship of human beings.


3. The limitations of Marxism as a philosophy


4. The Christian criticism of society

5. Market economy

[8] Liberal capitalism was a unique experiment. […] That to this commodity a human being is attached is treated as an accidental feature of no substance relevance. That by disposing of this commodity according to the law of the market a human being may be abused in such a way as to destroy the fabric of society, which is composed of him and his like, is a consideration beyond the scope of the system. The same holds of all human and social values on which the existence of society depends. […]

6. The limits of moral development

7. Fetishisation

8. The Capital fetish

9. Class society

10. The next step

11. Marxist economics and the labour theory of value

12. Natural and historical laws

13. The role of classes

14. No perfect society

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Date: 1937
KPA: 21/22, 6-14
Recent Publication in English: partially (without 1.) in Polanyi 2018b, p. 144-153
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FR  « Communauté et société. La critique chrétienne de notre ordre social »