Community and Society

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[1] In the course if this week we will have ample occasion to discuss the realities of the present world situation, Spain, the position of the Churches on the Continent, including the relationship of the Roman Church to Fascism and Socialism.

Before we do so, I should to go to-day into the question of the relation of Christianity to Economics and Social problems all together.

I should like to introduce this by four statements: a/ […]

b/ That this crisis has religious significance brought about by the denial of Christianity. It is the forth of Christianity that is rassembling itself as a force destroying one would and bringing in an other.

[2] What is happening is 1/ the extension of community internationally, to universal community and 2/ nationally, so as to include …

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Text Informations

Date: Belfast, 31 August 1937
KPA: 21/10, 1-2 (2 typed p. and crossed out)
Do not confuse with: Community and Society. The Christian Criticism of our Social Order