Christianity and the Modern Forms of State

From Karl Polanyi
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[10] 1/ Many people would doubt whether Xty had anything to do with forms of State.

2/ The Jewish inheritance makes that clear. The way
Jewry: related to society; In every minute detail.

3/ Jesus did not doubt this: it was self evident to him. But his vision of human society unique. Personal relationships of human individuals. SOCIETY CONSISTING OF INDIVIDUALS.

4/ Two correlated terms: individual and mankind.
CHRISTIAN individualism.

5/ a/ personal unmediated direct, a personal response to a personal demand”.
    b/ universal, encompassing the whole of mankind .

6/ Communion of persons. The “Good Samaritan”.

a/ material sharing (Jewish)
b/ permanent, continuous

THIS MAKES COMMUNION outside society impossible.

7/ Christianity as a force works either

a/ making brotherhood more intensive;
b/ or making community more universal

8/ What about the Crusades? The Puritans? The Calvinist? The Roman Church? The Pilgrim Fathers?
The greatest realms established by Christians, orthodox or heretic.

9/ The present work crisis; Modern forms of state while 500 millions have changed their social form COMPLETELY
The relationship between politics and economics has changed in one way or another.

[11] 10/ The two main forms of change-Democracy extended or capitalism made to rule becomes the whole society.

2. Russia
3. New Deal

11/ In order to deny democracy, Fascism must go radically anti-individualist. (in the Xtian sense) this is the reason why the idea of mankind (humanity) must be renounced.

12/ The anti-Xtian tendency of Fascism essential.
    " The anti-Xtian tendency of Socialism unessential.

13/ World outlook: Whether democratic States will cooperate with socialist states, or whether democracy goes Fascist.

14/ Then the end will have come. But don't let us say Xtianity has failed,

, mmmmmm        mmmmmmmm,

Text Informations

Date: Must be 1936-1940 (the Christian Left Period), and more probably 1936 since “Christian individualism” is a formula used in “The Essence of Fascism
KPA: 08/02, 10-11