Child Psychology

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[6] ___ ____ psychology I ______ _______ themselves. However ___ not our ____ been children even if it was long ago; ____ do we (…) know them? […] Alice in Wonderland ideas. I can imagine I meet myself meeting (a little boy out the street, three years old or six, or even nine - and I somehow knowing that that little boy is myself, at that age. He would be a complete stranger to me.

[7] And so would he be to you, if he was yourself.



[10] [11] [12]



[13] History is {muelpeded} change.

Text Informations

Draft: Text for the Annual Conference, Whitbey, Ontario – Women Teachers Association of Southern Ontario - Notes, 4 p. 1951.
KPA: 36/03, 6-12 (5 hand-written pages) + 1