Beszéd a meggyözödésröl

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Text Informations

Reference : 1913c
Original Publication: “Beszéd a meggyözödésröl”, ???, p. 27-32[1]
KPA: 01/12 (6 pages; copy of the original article)
Other languages:

lg Name
 EN Speech on the Meaning of Conviction
FR « Discours sur le sens de la conviction »


  1. This text is attributed to Szabadgondolat, 3.4, p. 27-32 in Polanyi 2016, 55 but it's impossible. P. 27-32 are in the n°3.1 of Szabadgondolat. Furthermore, in the archive, we can see that this publication does not look as Szabadgondolat pages.