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Title Notes – Economic anthropology
Author Polanyi, Karl
Description File contains Karl Polanyi’s mostly hand-written notes on economic anthropology. Included in the file are also references to R. Thurnwald, Ernst Schonbauer, and others. The notes are in English.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/783
Archive Date 2010-09-10



[8] […]
(B) The limits of ec. theory

(A) The methodenstreit
theoretical economics event was Sch mother Hist. School Menger limited it to "advanced, {natural} economies (monetized, ________ value scale.)

(B) Formal economies:
Walras, Schumpeterian interdependence _____ economistic (_________ __ generation game theory (correct)

(C) Extension to socialist (ie non-market economies: Menger. Wieser, Böhm-Bawerk : critical of cap. Mises: negative (critical)
impossibility of socialism

Pol. Socialist Accountancy

(D) Extension of theoreti. economies --- to monopoly, oligopoly to aggregates, to decision making

(E) Preindustrial non-market economies

The economistic fallacy
___ to Antiquity (oikos controversy)

Notes for an interdisciplinary study involving anthropology and economic history


New York, Febr. 20th, 1953


[24] […] Menger scarcity

(Complete Paradigm)


Anthropology: Primitive economies
Sociology: the institutionnalization of the economic process
the _________________________________
History: ________________
economic "doctrines
Economic history: ________________
catallactic triad
History of law
Economic theory
Philosophy Aristotle's ____

Notes on Readings on Economic Anthropology

First list of Names

[34] Rosemary M_______ Arnold

Walter Castle Neale
Jim Blackman
Peter Crawford
Harry Pearson
K.C. Yeh
Soc: Terence Hopkins

Plan and Market in Early Society


New / old Testaments

[51] New Testament

(a) {Nature trait}
(b) 30 pieces of silver an equivalence reminiscence Old Testament (c) classical Greece: charge of gross ignorance (d) Aristotle's terms


[71] Kafka: 1922

Plan of The Livelihood of Man?

This page contains question(s)
that we should discuss
in the Talk Page!

[104] Ch. 1 Confusion of Economics + Market form
Ch. 2 How did this afford the other disphnos ?

I. Economic theory: I’ll gave a phases to economic theory
Economic approach x (exchange)
The distribution of the material dilemma
Market + its laws
A theory of price
LimitationsAn equilibrium + a scarcity theory
Theories of cabes lacking

M. Weber: Categories
Bowling : quotesvery effective but œnived from current meanings

Catallactic triadtrade money
absorbed by the market: constitution of monopolies of supply and for the use of xxxxxx social sciences

A theory [that] became the wrong theory to give a lead for the xxxxxx of the xx of the e. ver torie.

II. Economic history
Classical beginnings preceder. Ec. Theory. Still immense : (Boeche compare with Andreades (mirror of a century later)
A faithful xxxx of L.MN fashions of the 1920’s.
Stages theories : Hildebrand, Plenge, Salin, Meichellkein: Spieth of Laune : marxism
Nuscham theory: Bendiscen: Knapp. Mistle n inis. Petri Was. Oniggin.
Market theory: Rostovtzeff.


1940 The {amateur} social philosophers {strongpling} in {Hamster} of the host and {contributing} in very {siffvent} {desidary} to the stream

[106] Ch. 2 (continued)
economic history (continued)
οικος controversy: Rodbertus {tadled} the taxation system of Rome in a reality way as that of non-market economy.

[…] … {Bresher} - Menger. The latter's posthumous {history/victory} in M. Weber. However, Weber history {developed} the anthropology line / Menger in {affecting tool} ____ the savage _____ of antiquity.

Weber deliberately refused to separate the subst. economy from formal i.e. market theory.


Ch. 1Fake investigation of the economy …
Ch. 2How did this affect …

I. Economic theory Polanyi rewrites plan for chapter II and quotes the catallactics.

catallactic triad

Notes on reading Karl's Notes of Place Occupied by Economies in Societies

[112] - [117]


[118] 27 March 1953

Second list of names

Daniel Fusfeld written Ap 15, 1953
Rosemary Arnold
Charles Silbermann ?
Horst Joseph ?
Conrad M. Arensberg
William {Victory}
R.K. Merton
J.H.B. Randalff
Harry W. Pearson
Margaret Mead (___ KP)
Frank Tannenbaum (___ KP)