Secular Civilization

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Last night from the point of view of the Churches.

The present world situation from the point of view of Christianity.

The Churches are the sum total of the empirical individuals, who form organised religion. They are falible, they are part of their times, they are under judgement.

They represent a diversity of creeds, and of orders. The unity is one of faith, and that faith is the faith in Christianity.


It is that force which entered the history of mankind in the life, teachings and death of Jesus; which was revealed to us in this way and has transformed the life of mankind to an inconceivable degree. Western civilisation - is ________

What we have heard last night is the judgement on the Church.
What we want to talk about today, is the judgment of God about this world.

1. There is a world crisis.
2. What is the essence of this crisis from the point of view of Xty?
3. What is the task of the Xtian in it?


There is a world crisis.

a. The break down of the international system of currency, credit and capital investment. WAR

b. The complete transformation of the political and economic system of almost all countries (economico-political units).

c. This starting in the twenties, not simply post War.
vast, swift change happening everywhere.

aa. Sudden, effortless,
bb. Unexpected direction (USSR, Fascism)
cc. The change is in the world, not in us. How are we going to face it
dd. apocalyptic, cataclysmic


What is the nature of this crisis from the Xtian point of view?

crisis concern
a. economic system (Capitalism)
b/ political system (Democracy).

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