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I. The importance of the study of foreign policy.

a. The heredity ruling classes are the former military and classes of feudal ancestry.

War is a job incidental to the carrying on of foreign policy.

The education of the ruling classes mainly consisting in fitting them to the carrying on of diplomacy and foreign policy. Corresponding education of the working classes:
b. The education of the working classes mainly consisting in inducing the illusion that these are at least immoral foreign occupations.

II. He understands foreign always manoeuvre a people.

The Concert of Europe

The League of Nations.

The United Nations,

With rare exceptions they were worked in such a was as to ensure the interests of the dominant classes in society.

Exception: the Paris Commune 1871.

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Speech: Karl Polanyi Lectures – Extension - "Europe Today and Tomorrow" - University of London - Morley College - Outline, 1945-1946
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