United Nations Organization

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United Nations Organisation

[1] USA
A. The main forces shaping this new organization were the needs of the Grand Coalition which won the War. The USA could not fully cooperate without some safeguards as to the war aims of the various powers. Yet she herself could not offer any contribution unless she first dropped her isolationism. But American internationalism was, as we saw, necessarily universalist, i.e. directed towards all-inclusive international institutions, like the League of Nations or the Permanent Court of International Justice or more recently the Bretton Woods agreements.

a. Ideological factor: […]

b. The realist factor: […]

Russia, on the other hand, tended towards Great Power Organization.

a. Ideological factor: […]

b. The realist factor: […]

UNO - problems and prospects

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F. [6] Now let me return to the British position, and look at ti briefly from the point of view of the American and the Russian thesis

What the Russians call Three Power Co-operation […]

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Lecture: London - Notes, 1946
KPA: 17/32