To P.I. Painter (22 October 1946)

From Karl Polanyi
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Dear Pip',

just had the bad news about your {took/torch}. Well, I propose that we turn it into a blessing in disguise, and do a real piece of work as long as the {plorates} keeps you from speeding away. I'll try to come {fanly} regularly, (unless I go to Hungary which from this angle would be very bad) and discuss, maybe, should it suit you, some joint effort which we would publish in common. Of course, you must feel entirely & completely free to {turn} the suggestion soon – it may be a bad one – without _up arising a __ the least the ______tness of your cooperation as it is already shaping out at present.

All love and au revoir


Letter Informations

KPA: 48/01, 130-131